Mango + Chai

Today I took my mother on her first Top Dog experience, as well as taking myself out to Morro Bay again for the first time as a college graduate. Although I know I love Top Dog’s SiD, the Iced Soy Mango Chai just sounded too good to resist. On their menu the mango chai is simply described as “Yum!” Sweet with obvious mango flavor, but not too sweet that you feel like you’re drinking a sugary drink. They give it the mango flavor in the iced drinks by pouring a little Mango Torani Syrup on top, then they mix it in with the rest, while for the hot they steam in the mango syrup with the milk. The double brewed chai by My Chai in Oregon is made with organic spices and is still one of my favorite chias to date. The chai is the perfect compliment, with all the spices making it sugar and spice and everything nice. Together these flavor combinations of mango and chai are surprisingly irresistable after the first sip. You get hooked so fast that, before you know it, you’ve finished and all that’s left is ice! It goes down incredibly smoothly, with the small granular bits of spice dancing on your tongue.


Top Dog’s Chai

“SiD Soy”

These six letters written on my clear, perspiring plastic cup are almost as meaningful as the eight letters in I love you.  Their iced soy shot in the dark, comprised of chai and espresso, also known as a dirty soy chai, is quite literally morning-changing.  

The goods:  This is the best dirty soy chai I’ve ever had in my entire life.  Simply put.  There is a perfect balance between the Kirkland Organic Soy, ice, chai tea, and espresso.  The chai is actually a brewed chai tea (not a syrup or powder!) that is shipped over from Oregon, where they make this chai goodness in batches based off a recipe from India.  These chai people in Oregon know what they’re doing.  Additionally, the way Top Dog pours the espresso is even special, using their house blend 3-2-1, pulling the espresso in three different sections to create the perfect combination.  

The downside: This SiD was so refreshing that, and before I knew it, the entire drink was down to just the ice cubes!  Initially I accused Hugo of stealing the entire thing when I wasn’t looking, but I am pretty sure that wasn’t actually the case.  

I’m intrigued by the Mango Chai, along with multiple other Chai options, listed on their Chai menu.  Top Dog Coffee Bar, at 857 Main Street in Morro Bay, California, has an entire section of their posted hand-written menu dedicated to their ten different chai options.  Everything about this place is wonderful, ranging from the local art hung on the walls to the friendly and helpful staff to the garden patio to the burlap decor to the large windows to the wooden chairs with coffee cups carved into their backings.  Definitely trying Top Dog’s Mango Chai next.