Coffee to help curb anxiety? Genius!

Hey coffee lovers!  I’m excited to share that I started a new video-focused Instagram account documenting my experiences with my favorite beverages: coffee and wine!  If you are interested in following along on my journey, I just posted a new coffee video here, and I’ll also give you the inside scoop below.

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Earlier this March, I was lucky enough to win Wildcrafter’s Instagram contest.  They slid into my DM’s and from there I selected one of their four blends of infused coffee:

  1. Creative Genius for Focus: Enhance focus & foster mental calm with Ashwagandha Root and Bacopa Herb so you get a fresh feeling of clarity with every cup.
  2. Inner Warrior for Energy: Sustainable energy & strength with Maca Root, Lion’s Mane Mushroom, and Rhodiola Root to awaken your inner warrior to combat day-to-day burnout.
  3. Spiritual Chill Decaf for Calm: Find calm with Passionflower Herb, Chamomile Flower, and Holy Basil Leaf that help relieve nervous tension and promote relaxation. PSA: This is a decaf coffee.
  4. Immune Shield for Defense: Immune defense with Reishi Mushroom, Astragalus Root, and Elderberry Fruit to help enhance your body’s natural stress response and bolster your immune system.

Which would you have picked?

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Because I’ve personally been dealing with anxiety and could use some help with focusing and staying calm, I selected the Creative Genius ground coffee.  This Arabica coffee blend infuses the Bacopa Herb, which has been used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine to rejuvenate the mind, along with the Ashwagandha Root, which is common in Indian traditional medicine fostering mental calm and supporting the immune system by helping the body respond to stress.  It smells like a regular cup of coffee, even with the infused botanicals, and it tastes earthy, smooth, and like you dropped a square of dark chocolate into a cup of hot coffee.

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Wildcrafter’s coffees are available as either pre-ground or as coffee pods, and they can’t have a whole-bean option since they’re also infusing the coffee with adaptogens that your regular grinder at home might not be able to handle.  All of their blends utilize 100% Fair Trade & Organic Arabica Beans, which means your coffee contains only the best organic coffee beans sourced from community-owned farms in Colombia.

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If you order this coffee and want to make it at home, measure 2 tbs of coffee grounds per 8 oz of filtered water (always make sure to use filtered water, not just straight from the tap).  Make sure your coffee grounds are flat before you start the brewing process so that all of the grinds get equal access to water.

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Stay safe, order coffee directly to your door, and make your own cup at home!