Large Soya Latte

Minkies for a large soya latte and two cappuccinos, please!

The soy milk, known as soya in the UK, tastes much better here than it does in the states. We picked up o ur caffeine for today in the Kilburn Underground Station to help get us ready for the festivities at the Notting Hill Carnival. Katherine and Daniel finally let me treat, which they much deserved in exchange for letting me stay at their flat in London for this week. I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful best friend with an award winning fianc√©! I’m also thrilled there is a coffee shop so conveniently located, as we’ll pass it every time we take the Tube! My large soya latte was ¬£2.30, which seems cheap but must be converted from pounds to US dollars. The only downside I see as of now is that it wasn’t open when we returned.   



The one and only time I ordered decaf.

Normally I’m #deathbeforedecaf, but when you’re at the airport, see Klatch Coffee, and remember you need to sleep during the flight.. Exceptions can be made. 
Trust me, it was a semi-difficult decision. I never drink decaf. Never. I usually consider it a waste of money to pay for a coffee or latte without enjoying the benefits of the caffeine. And, as you may be able to gather by my blog’s URL, a large part of why I love coffee is the caffeine. I love Klatch, but I’ve only been able to go once since it’s pretty out of the way (I’ve only been to their location in San Dimas).  
Although my decaf iced soy latte tasted great, it really was not the same experience. However, Klatch was still a much better idea than any of the other food & beverage options in Terminal 7 at LAX. 


The Hype: Caffe Vita

Saturday morning I ventured out and tried a coffee shop in Los Feliz, an area I’d only been to for shows at the Greek Theater, star gazing at the observatory, and hiking in Griffith Park. Now I finally understand the hype around Caffe Vita, the Pacific Northwest chain from Seattle serving house-roasted coffee.

I knew from the moment I walked in the door that this was a good idea; the smell hit me right away, the atmosphere was hipster and relaxed, and their espresso was delicious and worth going to Los Feliz for.  

Note, coffee in the morning is always a good idea, but this place felt especially magical; a coffee lover’s paradise. I ordered a large iced almond milk latte to-go, made with their signature espresso – Caffe Del Sol. This blend is rich and complex, with aromas of dark chocolate, butterscotch and praline, and nut-forward tasting notes complimented by a sweet caramel finish. They first filled the plastic cup with ice, then approximately three quarters of the way with almond milk, topped with the deep, silky amber espresso.
Although their almond milk was from a box, rather than made in house, I still enjoyed the latte. Next time I really want to try their cold brew, which appeared to be the most popular item that morning. They also have a growler program, which is something a cold brew lover (such as myself) needs in her life.