Who knew you could get an almond-macadamia-milk latte at G&B in Grand Central Market?

Epic adventures and spontaneity are perfectly complemented by stumbling upon amazing coffee shops. After hiking Runyon Canyon with the girls on Memorial Day and spontaneously deciding to go to Downtown LA for brunch, we decided to check out the famous Egg Slut in Grand Central Market. We all found something we wanted on the menu, and when we looked around to figure out where to order we spotted what looked like the front of the line, or maybe just people hanging out against a wall. We asked it they were in line, and they comforted us by telling us yes, it’s two hours long, but not to worry because it’s worth it. At first we thought they were joking, but looked around the corner to discover the line snaked through the market. As ‘worth it’ as the food may be, we’d just hiked and needed food (and coffee) ASAP. We decided to come back another day for Egg Slut and instead wander around the market for a more accessible breakfast alternative.

Although many places looked appetizing, Egg Slut was really the only adequate brunch offering. We huddled in the back of the market, amongst the tables, while Yelping to find our next destination. Curiosity got the best of me, as I had a strong feeling something worth seeing was on the other side of one of the random walls nearby. I convinced the girls to follow me and check it out, and it turned out to be a coffee shop!!

You can only imagine my excitement. I hastily made my way to the crowded counter to order my first latte of the morning, ready to experience this stumbled upon coffee shop, G&B.

I ordered an almond milk latte, only to learn their almond milk is 75% almond and 25% macadamia nut, with a little bit of dates for sweetness. I enjoyed their natural version of a sugar alternative, which added a subtle hint of sweetness. The macadamia is what really made this beverage noteworthy, as it set this latte above most in a uniquely tropical way.

The single origin espresso used was a Guatemalan called Poaquil from Forty Ninth Parallel Roasters, and it was sweet with a dried fruit aroma and tasting notes of dark stone fruit. Another interesting feature of G&B was their decision to feature multiple roasters in one space, rather than aligning with one brand.

As they’d peaked my interest, I asked one of the baristas what the G&B stood for. When I seemed surprised by his answer (Gnarly & Bad), he teased that I obviously haven’t spent enough time in Venice. It turns out that G&B actually stands for Glanville & Babinski, the founders on a mission to introduce people to the great coffees of the World. They sample from roasters all over the world and select a small percent for their coffee bar, guided solely by flavor. They made CBS’s list of Best Coffee Shops in LA, and now they’ve made my favorites list as well.



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