White Coconut

Because it was such a beautiful sunny summer day in San Luis Obispo my Mom and I decided to walk to breakfast and coffee. However, by the time we got to Scout on Garden Street we were craving something more refreshing than a latte, which is how we ventured into their amazing iced tea list. White tea is the lowest caffeine content of teas, but the amazing flavors that come along with white teas make it worth it (unless you need your caffeine fix) to order over one of the stronger alternatives. Due to my love of coconut, I ordered the iced White Coconut Tea. All of Scouts iced teas go through a 24 hour cold brew process, where they take tea leaves and put them in 64 ounce mason jars, adding in cold filtered water and letting it seep with all the water touching all the tea for 24 hours. They then strain out all the leaves, which creates the concentrate that they then dilute with more cold filtered water. Their white tea impressed me with having actual coconut pieces mixed in, rather than simply flavoring the drink with a coconut syrup. The White Coconut Creme tea by the Art of Tea is made up of tender white peony tea leaves blended with safflower, coconut bits and creamy essence of coconut. The way they lay the tea pieces out is part of what makes this blend so special: the tea was rolled with the coconut to infuse the flavor naturally. The tea leaves smell strongly of coconut, while the actual drink has just the right amount coconut flavor, perfect for slow sipping while enjoying great conversation. You put the tea with the coconut and drink it all up!



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