Too-Clean Chai

Sally Loo’s is my favorite, as well as every other girl’s favorite, breakfast cafe in San Luis Obispo. The acai bowls are my favorite part, but as Hugo and I waited for our breakfasts to come, we shared a large chai latte with almond milk. I am glad we shared, which is unusual for me, but it was fun passing the white mug and saucer back and forth across the smooth wooden table.
The almond milk chai latte looks absolutely beautiful, with the design in the foam and the cinnamon generously sprinkled on top. The large gulps are smooth yet spicy! The tastes of cinnamon overpower the chai, which was too watered down in the ratio of chai to almond milk.

I wish I got it dirty. I regret this decision greatly, as this drink truly needed the addition of some good espresso (which I know from past experience Sally Loo’s always has).



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